Supreme’s winter sale is here, which means that all the struggle colorways of the products people didn’t wait in line for are now available for 30% off. For instance, you now now cop that horrific Nascar jacket on the low low for $166. It's a good thing you don't associate with actual Nascar fans, who would surely call you a poser for wearing what is essentially a bootleg Jeff Gordon jacket. There's also a pretty nice corduroy trucker jacket even though it's only available in teal, but hey, maybe you could make that work. Perchance a red leather MA-1 tickles your fancy, and, by "your fancy", I mean your desire to purchase something you will hate in a month. That's just the nature of red leather. Lastly, there's actually a pretty nice varsity jacket, available in navy blue, for $288. It's one of those rare Supreme sale items you can bust out and get stabbed over.