A$AP Rocky recently stopped by Teen Vogue for his latest photoshoot, which is on stands now. The fact that the magazine hasn’t dealt with a rapper of this magnitude shows, as they were quick to profile him “not your typical rapper.” We would really like to know what their definition of a typical rapper is, but that’s for another conversation. Besides the little hiccup in describing the Harlem rapper everything behind the scenes went smooth.

Rocky, perhaps on his new-year-new-me deal, looked a little different. His penchant for mixing high and low fashion is still there, but the braids are wilder than ever. Kind of like Coolio-esque circa the mid-'90s but better. We can all agree that there aren’t that many rappers willing to switch up their styles and try something out of this world for fear of trolls and haters on the Internet, but that’s were Rocky is different. And not because he doesn’t roll around in a huge entourage.

Rocky broke down how he dresses the way he does, and what inspires him to switch it up from day-to-day. No matter what he ends up wearing, Rocky embodies the cardinal rule of style, which is simply doing what you want because you feel like it without giving a fuck about what others think. Check out the video above to see this philosophy in action.

[via MTV Style]