An incredible interactive art installation allows viewers to reach out and manipulate clouds—you can even put your head in one if so inclined. The piece, titled Cloud Pink, was created by the Korean creative agency called Everyware. The installation uses fabric and digitally-imposed images of clouds to allow viewers to swirl and dive in and engross with the stratosphere. 

Here's how the creators describe it:

Lying down on a hill with your pupils filled with the endless blue sky, perspective of your eyesight suddenly gets distorted and clouds drift at the tip of your nose. You stretch your arms up to the sky to touch the clouds but can’t reach. Another world right above your head, clouds. Today, I visualize my colorful cloud of words right in front of your eyes. Touch the pink clouds drifting on a giant fabric screen, reminisce your childhood clouds of dreams. I spent countless sleepless nights just to realize my unproductive and only romantic cloud of words. But, isn’t it nice if we could feel the clouds at our fingertips?

Check out video of the installation above and below and more info at the Everyware website.

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[via Design Taxi]