Today in "YOW! THAT'S FUCKING AMAZING!", we stumbled upon the Instagram account of what appears to be an anonymous Mexican drug lord. Now, we can't say for sure that this dude made his riches by selling drugs, but the fact that homie has motherfucking gold AK-47's certainly hints at the fact. Look, I'm not trying to get killed out here over some sensationalized blogging, so let's just assume this dude is also a really amazing philanthropist in the Mexican community and does a lot to help those around him, and that his own humility is the reason he chooses to remain anonymous. That said, dude's flexing is on another level. Gold guns, of which there are several, aside, Mr. @JamesBond5_7 also loves to snap pictures of his watches, clothes, cars and, of course, women. And, like any true fitness buff, he also 'grams his workout routines and fitness progress complete with matching outfits. Above, we've selected a few his must-see photos.