What happens when you freeze bubbles? Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly and her seven-year-old son Connor can show you.

Inspired by the polar vortex that’s sweeping across America, Kelly and her son, based in Arlington, Washington, mixed up a batch of homemade bubble solution using dish soap, Karo syrup, and water and let the weather do its work.

They discovered the ideal temperatures for freezing bubbles was anywhere between nine and 13 degrees Fahrenheit. Their experimenting also revealed that car windshields and the tops of patio tables were the best surfaces for witnessing the ethereal transformation.

When the bubbles freeze, they morph into tiny, delicate orbs that resemble glass. They take on crystalline structures that are intricately detailed and patterned.

Kelly hopes her project will “encourage others to slow down and appreciate the little things. I hope that viewers, when seeing this, are reminded that one is never too old to stop and enjoy the incredible beauty that is around them if they only look and to encourage their children to do the same.”

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[via HuffingtonPost]