This season's trifecta of designers at the MAN show was opened by Alan Taylor, followed by Bobby Abley, and closed by Craig Green. Alan showed a very fashion forward tailored collection. There was a focus on knitwear, and outerwear that will surely be shot in every men's magazine.

Bobby Abley took his cartoon influences and inspirations to the dark side and it truly worked, both entertaining and unnerving the audience. This menacing collection will be a hit both editorially and commercially with its simple outerwear, and Abley's accessories will definitely fly off the shelves at his stockists.

Craig Green showed a truly masterful collection. This season will be his final showing with MAN, and he'll take his collection to the individual stage in six months. But right now, this presentation cemented the fact that he is a master of layering and an expert at executing prints. This season saw layers of hand-painted kaleidoscopic prints that would make even the most timid person endeavor to try something bold. Next season all eyes will be on him, both because he'll be stepping out on his own, ane because he is quickly emerging to be one of the strongest names in the London Men's collections.