Aaron Durand will go to any lengths for the perfect shot. His adventurous spirit takes him across the globe to often off-limits spaces whose locations he keeps a secret—the tops of freight trains, old railway tunnels, and the precarious side of an enormous dam.

"Photography for me is fun. I intend to keep it that way," Durand says. "I've realized that taking one's hobbies too seriously can result in competition, resentment, and the loss of fulfillment and any discernible amount of enjoyment. To that end, I keep my photos relatively limited to my travels and adventures. Exploring out-of-the-way places is both a means to see places most people won't ever experience and a way to keep testing the limits of my cameras, my composure, and my determination."

Many of the tunnels and bridges Durand photographs are abandoned, and in the wake of bustling travelers come fearless graffiti writers. Durand captures the signs of life left by street artists in forgotten areas across the country. His images show what happens when nature and artists take over hidden spaces. Check out his work in our Portfolio Review: Photographer Aaron Durand Shares Rare Images of Off-Limits Explorations.

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