Just a few days ago, we were thrilled to learn about Rino Stefano Tagliafierro's film of animated paintings, so you can probably imagine our excitement upon discovering BreakThru Films' latest project. The Oscar-winning film studio is currently working on the world's first painted animation, a feature-length production on the life of Vincent Van Gogh called Loving Vincent, made entirely from oil canvases.

Loving Vincent will recount the inspiring yet tragic story of Van Gogh's life, as told through a series of interviews with characters from the artist's paintings. It will also look into his mysterious, unexpected death, tracing 800 letters he had written—staying true to Van Gogh, whose last letter reads "We cannot speak other than by our paintings.”

For this project, team has enlisted 70 painters to help bring Van Gogh's paintings to life. BreakThru Films has also launched a Kickstarter campaign, turning to the public for help in raising funds. Watch the trailer below:

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[via Colossal]