The average piece of visvim gear costs, like, $750 dollars or something. Fuck, even EG coats can run you half a grand, easy. The struggle is real. How is a yung intern supposed to stunt while not being paid any sort of real currency whatsoever? You won’t get that guest styling gig without a recommendation from Lawrence that he makes another intern write for him. And you won’t get that recommendation if you’re dressed like a fucking herb every time you come into the office. Only I get to do that. Don’t think that because I’m writing in the lap of luxury in the Complex Media Cloud that I don’t know what it’s like anymore. I’m technically still a full-time strugglelancer myself. I WATCHED AN HOUR AND A HALF OF A SHOW CALLED BUYING ALASKA YESTERDAY BEFORE I EVEN KNEW WHAT HAPPENED.

Normally, we’re all about decidedly non-struggle friendly gear here at The Pins, but we decided to do something for the duns. We are pleased to present to The 15 best "tier struggle" products of all time. Go crazy.