Watch Dave Make Vodka For Wolverine's No. 1883 Collection "Kindred Spirits" Series

Wolverine has been working hard since 1883.

The boot and apparel company best known for its leather footwear exists in the most sought-after realm of style - the place where classic silhouettes intersect with fresh, up-to-date details of modernity. It only made sense for the brand to celebrate its 130th birthday by wrangling a trio of folks who work just as hard as the No. 1883 Collection's brogues and boots, while embodying that elusive space that connects tradition and innovation.

Meet the Kindred Spirits: craftsman Ryan Greer, artist (Wolverine's named her a "hand letterer," and apparently, that's a thing), Dana Tanamachi and the vodka distiller featured in the video above, Mr. Dave "Vodka Dave" Kyrejko. 

Dave and his motley team of booze-makers, engineers and bio technicians at Industry City Distillery build their own machinery to create the most bare-bones, yet refined vodka you'll ever pour in a tumbler glass. Though not all their respective passions align perfectly - one dude is apparently a yoga instructor, another works as a fisherman on the side - there is one end they're all after: making great liquor. 

Watch Dave and friends sit at a table and take shots together above. Just kidding, that's not what distillers do all day. Or is it?

[via Wolverine]

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