Timberland’s six-inch boot is bodying all winter footwear right now, and it looks like there’s no slowing down the brand’s 40th Anniversary celebrations. Perhaps a knockout blow to the competition is Supreme’s latest collaboration with the New Hampshire-based company. Certainly no strangers when it comes to working with each other, the duo have another fast-selling item on their hands.

This new remix of the classic stands out yet without being overly designed. Waterproof Nubuck and leather materials still remain, and, at first glance, it looks like Supreme just slapped a box logo on it and called it a day. But take a closer look at the quarter panel and a luxe yet subtle snakeskin embossing comes into focus. The scales are subdued and don't take away from the classic look, and it’s a refreshing texture to the smooth Nubuck material. If you thought this boot was already tough as shit, now it has a badass detail, too. 

There will be two colors available dropping in-store and the Supreme website starting Dec. 18 for $180—slightly cheaper than the original.