Haven is a cool store and when you’re a cool store you get to interview cool people like Ryo Kashwazaki. Who is Ryo Kashawazaki, you ask? ONLY THE DUDE BEHIND HENDER SCHEME, THE BRAND YOU ALWAYS PRETEND TO ALMOST BUY, BUT THEN REALIZE YOU ARE A BROKE SONOFABITCH AND JUST END UP BUYING ANOTHER PAIR OF VANS INSTEAD. Anyways, head over to Haven’s site and check the piece and get some insight into the man behind your favorite footwear brand you can’t afford. THE ONLY PERSON I'VE EVEN SEEN WITH A PAIR OF HENDER SCHEMES WAS TOMMY TON AND WE ALL KNOW TOMMY TOM IS A GOD AMONGST MEN OR AT LEAST A DEMIGOD, YA KNOW? And no, I’m not gonna tell you what Ryo says in the interview. Stop cheating off me, the half Asian kid, and do your own homework for once in your life.