Aptly-named wellness entrepreneur Nell Waters has been using Kickstarter to help raise funds (upwards of $240,000) to begin building a prototypical ecological urban bathhouse called SOAK.  The bathhouse will be constructed using recycled shipping containers that will operate without the aid of city municipal power and water supplies. The concept for the ecologically-friendly, shipping container-based module was developed by the San Francisco design studio Rebar.

The spa would feature a roof lounge, hot tubs, showers, an internal courtyard, and baths. SOAK would rely on rainwater and filtered greywater for its water supply, which it needs to irrigate the property gardens and fill the showers and tubs. The water would be heated using solar heaters and photovoltaic roof panels. SOAK is a spa for eco-minded hedonists who are looking for an anti-spa approach to the spa life, a more modern and wholesome conception of wellness.

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[via Dezeen]