Patrik Ervell's Selvedge Denim Shows You How to Wear Dad Jeans

Patrik Ervell's Selvedge Denim Shows You How to Wear Dad JeansImage via Patrik Ervell

So you've decided to get on your Dad Shit, eh? Planning on rocking sunglasses with a neckstrap, a beanie in the morning to protect that bare dome, and solid colored button-down flannels? Looking to organize fishing trips with old buddies of yours? Gonna tell some corny, very un-funny jokes, are you?

Patrik Ervell's Selvedge Denim jeans will be your new go-to for pants that exude real dad vibes, without the ridiculous, costume party feel associated with bootleg, light-wash jeans. Seeing hordes of ladies in long-butt-syndrome-inducing mom jeans, (you know, those high-waisted vintage denim shorts that they just won't. Let. Die.?) has taught us a few lessons about cut, color and fit. You've gotta tread lightly around these styles, since they aren't the most simple look to rock.

But Ervell has shortened the 80s high-waist, added a darker shade of shuttle loomed indigo at the cuffs and tightened up on the chainstitch construction, rendering the Selvedge Denim guys more modern than anything you could pick up at a thrift store.

Plus, they're available in larger sizes - up to 36. And that's something most Busch-guzzling dads can appreciate.

[via Patrik Ervell]

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