It should come as no surprise to any of you to learn that Patrik Ervell and I are quickly becoming best friends. Like, whenever people spell his name with a "C", I’m the one who corrects them so that Patrik doesn’t look all conceited and shit. It’s cool though because Patrik corrects people when they put an "H" in my name. He gets super aggro and is like, "I DIDN’T DESIGN THIS AMAZING QUILTED SWEATSHIRT THAT FEATURES A SLIGHTLY BOXY FIT SO YOU CAN BE OUT HERE BUTCHERING THE IDIOSYNCRATIC SPELLINGS OF OUR NAMES. HOW DO YOU EVER EXPECT TO MOVE UP THE CORPORATE RUNGS OF STARBUCKS IF YOU CAN’T EVEN SPELL OUR NAMES CORRECTLY FOR OUR VENTI MACCHIATOS?" Patrik and I "indulge" on Wednesdays with venti macchiatos.