After rumors began to circulate from an alleged internal memo back in March, men (and women) everywhere prayed that Kate Moss would be gracing the cover of Playboy's 60th Anniversary issue, and here she is. Hugh Hefner and the team kept it classy as always and paid homage to the history of the company, photographing Moss in a Playboy bunny outfit complete with ears, collar, shirt cuffs, and the fluffy tail. Inside is a long, 18-page spread of the model in which various parts of the outfit are...misplaced.

The NY Daily News posted a few excerpts from Moss' interview in which she plays "Marry, F*ck, Kill" and talks annoying fans snapping photos at restaurants. If you're old enough to read Playboy, you already know where to find it, and if you aren't then you probably still know where to find it.

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[via NYDailyNews