For some time now, Hans Ulrich Obrist has been collecting and sharing messages via Instagram for "The Art of Handwriting." Artists and celebrities jot down whatever they feel like writing on pieces of paper, Post-It notes, or whatever else they have lying around and many of them draw little images to accompany the text. Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine gave Obrist this gem following the events of Art Basel Miami Beach. His post features the phrase "Miami Pussy 4 Ever" next to a smiling character with big ears and his signature.

Obrist served as the moderator for a talk between Kanye West and architect Jacques Herzog this past week, but there hasn't been a new "Art of Handwriting" post for either party as of yet. Kanye's previous contribution to the project was in the form of a quote that read, "Good taste is a gift, but bad taste is a privilege," accompanied by a drawing of a hooded figure. 

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[via Instagram]