The GIF is the development that's generated the greatest impact of late, becoming a fundamental component of digital art, social media, and of promotions cycles, like the promotional materials Ryder Ripps created of MIA's third album. Perhaps the most adept of these artists goes under the name Mr Div. His work is incredible, a perfect exploitation of the constraints of the medium (limited color palette, low resolution) to create animated artworks that are truly stunning.

The GIF is a recursive loop that cannot be broken, or rather, the best ones enact this false reality. Steve White invented the Graphics Interchange Format in 1987. As higher quality formats came to prominence, the GIF was considered kitsch for sometime. That was until artists with a penchant for revisiting socially abandoned modes retreaded the format. The results are only gaining ground. Recently, a GIF by Rafaël Rozendall sold the Tumblr x Phillips "Paddles On!" acution for $1,300.