Clothsurgeon keeps it coming with more killer outwear creations. The new Holiday capsule collection turns up the festive vibes and hits you with luxurious and bright red fur collared leather biker jackets and varsity jackets. There are also low-key black options available, which include a very-warm looking full shearling flight jaket. 

If you're mad for plaid like Clothsurgeon designer Rav Matharu, then check out the Blackwatch tartan, as it's referred to in Europe. Matharu says this is his favorite tartan because "it's mainly down the color combination." Who doesn't like a good mix of black and green shades incorporated into their outfits? Find the pattern on drop crotch pants, bomber jackets, and an overcoat. 

Matharu isn't leaving you without something special to wrap under the treeā€”even if it's a treat for yourself. The holiday collection is available now on the Clothsurgeon website for purchase if you want your gifts a little early.