All's been quiet on the Eleven Paris front since 2012, when the French brand dressed punk legend Iggy Pop and British model Daisy Lowe for a shoot by photographer Mathieu Cesar

But as Eleven Paris' 10-year anniversary approaches, audible rumblings are coming from the company started by two friends that recently called on Lenny Kravitz and Charlotte Free to model their spring 2013 campaign. 

In its latest spring 2014 lookbook titled "Generation Off Love," Eleven Paris channeled the 90s and used the latest neo-seapunk resurgence, (you know, the kind of shit you see on Tumblr: tie-dye, green hair, Lennon sunglasses with holograms,) for inspiration. The burger on the long sleeve crew neck, the all-over bud print on that t-shirt, Timberlands with a completely orange fit, and light-wash dad jeans all scream of the days when we wore slap bracelets and looked to the Fresh Prince for sartorial input. 

Peep the looks above, then head to Eleven Paris' site for more.

[via Eleven Paris]