Listen, I’m not opposed to tue topical Kanye T-shirt. I’m not. I’m pretty sure you can dig up a few posts on T-shirts with smarmy Kanye references that I’ve written. I’m just tired of them at this point. AND CAN WE BE DONE WITH THE MYSTERY OF THE OOZE FONT? Everyone cool already has tees with that. You know what you guys should do? You should find out what Kanye’s favorite font is and then have a line of T-shirts with his best quotes in his favorite font. SINCE IT AIN’T RALPH THO IS ACTUALLY A COMPANY AND NOT JUST SOME ASSHOLE TRYNA MAKE A FEW DOLLARS REAL QUICK (ALLEGEDLY) I JUST WROTE A BUSINESS PLAN FOR YOU, SO YOU'RE WELCOME.

I didn’t even bother listening to the interview with Sway that this banger came from because everyone on Twitter thought they’d get verified or some shit if they live-tweeted the entire thing. Sidenote: Live-tweeting is fucking redundant, my dudes. EVERYTHING YOU TWEET IS BASICALLY LIVE-TWEETING. DID YOU KNOW YOU JUST LIVE-TWEETED YOUR INTERACTION WITH THE “BASICS” AT THE COFFEE SHOP? You know how I know? VERB TENSE. WHAT HAPPENED TO BASIC GRAMMAR SKILLZ? IT’S LIKE PEOPLE THINK JUST BECAUSE I OVERUSE CAPS LOCK AND BLATANTLY DISREGARD THINGS LIKE SENTENCE STRUCTURE I DON’T STILL UNDERSTAND HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE SHOULD WORK. Yes, I realize that just came from a dude who used both caps lock AND italics in one sentence. Oh, get over yourselves, you fucking "writers". Jack Kerouac took a bunch of Adderall and wrote a ton of papers in a single sitting just like your asshole college roommate, except he was a fucking genius.