Public transportation isn't only for getting from point A to point B. It can also serve as inspiration for things like computer sleeves

London-based Agi & Sam, known for its vibrant, fun collections, have used the limited edition fabric, whose print was inspired by London's subway system, specifically the plush seats, on a bunch of accessories for your gadgets. The fabric was also used in the brand's celebrated spring/summer 2014 collection. 

The Neoprene Letterbox Sleeve is a collaboration between Agi & Sam and C6. There are no struggle zippers or fastening buckles involved, making it super accessible and won't take five minutes to open.

If you've got a Macbook Air (either 11 or 13 inches) or an iPad and want something different, head over to now to purchase. And if you live in London and take the Tube every day, try not to leave your laptop or iPad on the seat—someone might mistake it for, you know, an actual seat. 

[via Agi & Sam]