Building a bigger coffee table is a win for a multitude of reasons. The obvious perk is you’ll have more room for eggnog (and cookies, and beer pong, and extra-large holiday pizzas). Secondly, you’ll draw any visiting guests away from the already-crowded kitchen. Thirdly, you can show off a piece of furniture you actually built yourself (out of reclaimed wood, mind you!). New to building? Trust us, you can still make this. And it’ll cost you around $30.

How To: Simply source a used wood pallet or two and purchase a set of caster wheels. You can find wood pallets at local independent or locally owned garden or hardware stores. Some smaller shops simply toss their pallets in the trash when they run out of room. Just ask if they have extras and offer to haul them away for free. Once in your possession, you can screw in the wheels and set about coffee tabling. But if you want to take it up a notch, you can add some height by nailing in a second pallet on top of the base. You could also stain or paint your creation to give it a polished edge. Either way—boom—bespoke furniture in less than an hour.