In a recent podcast with Bret Easton Ellis, Kanye West alluded to a previous argument he had with Zappos CEO Tony Hseih because this is how Kanye occupies his time nowadays. He explained that the site owner tried to tell him what he needs to focus on as he embarks on new business ventures. This, obviously being a death wish, lead to an argument because, as we know all to well, Kanye doesn't like to be told what to do, especially when said advice comes from industry professionals he perceives are holding him and his vision back. In response, Kanye essentially said he shouldn't have to take advice from someone whose main thing is "selling shit product". Kanye's claim is more or less baseless, considering Zappos traffics heavily in his oft-professed favorite brand of all time, Nike. But really though, his remarks aren't at all that surprising at this point, considering he has basically been on a 2 month long inflammatory remark tour.

What's most surprising about all of this is that Zappos took the proverbial bait and today posted a product to their site called, you guessed it, the "Shit Product". It's a toilet with a plunger in it, and is "perfect for the man who has everything" and "makes big arguments seem much smaller." Wait, doesn't Kanye do the exact opposite of that? Like, he makes small, petty arguments seem like world-altering events, evident by this entire beef. The toilet also features one customer review from "K.W." that reads, "Imma let you finish, but this is the best shit product of all time!" I honestly can't believe a billion dollar company got trolled into responding this severely. While their attempt at a rebuttal may seem cute to mainstream media who recently seems extra thirsty to find reasons to call Kanye West "crazy" (read: loud and black), why do they even care? Are we really talking about a fictional $100,000 toilet? Oh shit. That's right. We are talking about it. This is the most play Zappos has ever gotten on Four Pins outside of the shoutout I'm about to give them for their on point selection of v rare Birkenstocks.