Two years ago, Adidas Y-3 designer Yohji Yamamoto summed up his overarching style concept in a single phrase: "With my eyes turned toward the past, I walk backwards into the future."

It's clear that the man who was extending jacket lengths years before mid-thigh became the standard has always been on some other shit, but his spring 2012 collection seemed to say goodbye to all that. The flowing pants, fedoras and karate belts lacked that avant-garde spirit he's so aggressively integrated into his wears in the past. 

But now, the wierdness-hiatus is over, and his fall/winter 2013 lookbook proves it: geometric shorts are thrown over a pair of baggy jogging pants, while white button-downs feature black streaks soaring down the front in a "Y" shape. Rugged mountain boots, crazy shaped Qasa High sneakers and an insane jacket with straps and asymetrical proportions show the intensity of the designer's intentions for winter. 

Peep the looks above and prepare for lift off - you're about to be taken to Planet Yamamoto.