Yesterday, Prada unveiled their newest promotional short filmed, entitled "Castello Cavalcanti". It's directed by Wes Anderson, who basically does his Wes Anderson thing with it, meaning, like, a lot of camera panning, emotionless dialogue and witty humor. Set in 1955 Italy, the film centers around a racecar driver played by Jason Schwartzman because, like we said, Wes Anderson. His character crashes his car in a local village, only to discover that he has ended up in the town of his ancestors. Rather than rush back to the city to be with what we are to assume is his wife, he decides to stick around and eat spaghetti because Italy. Above all, we just want to know where to cop that yellow Prada racing suit, although we're fully aware of Anderson's history with 1 of 1 grail designer pieces (see: The Darjeeling Limited custom Louis Vuitton luggage).