We have nothing against real-estate brokers. Some brokers are very knowledgable and extremely helpful, especially in this madhouse known as New York City. What we do have something against is those damn broker ads on flyers and websites like Craigslist. They always use capitalization in the most obnoxious (and probably time-consuming) way possible, there are a lot of symbols, puns, and exaggerations, and the photos are almost always insufficient. The brokers try to show off the skills they learned in that professional writing course last summer and end up sounding so stupid. The Broker Bodega takes that kind of annoying writing and salesmanship and applies it to common bodega goods (a bodega is a little store if you're not familiar). The posts are funny and so spot on. You should really check out the entire blog, especially if you've had experience with bodegas and brokers recently.  

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[via TheBodegaBroker]