Uni-Watch has just unearthed a gold mine. The sports uniform blog got its hands on a very old wholesale catalog from that has tons of pictures of various sports uniforms styles that would still kill it on the streets today.

The 1965 catalog for Sportswear Specialties in Winnipeg has pictures of old varsity jackets, bench coats (a 3/4 length varsity-style jacket), super dope hockey jerseys, and of course, curling sweaters—it was published out of Canada after all. Gems like these are what designers love to dig up and pin on their mood boards as inspiration pieces. All the details and options are nailed down to a T, and we couldn’t help but think of the excitement of ordering one of these during pre-internet days. If you’re looking for ideas to kick start your brand, or just a sucker for vintage jackets, take a look at the images above. 

[Uni-Watch via Put This On]