It looks like the customer service problems the designers of the original Yolo Polo and Drake had between each other have been squashed. After promising more meme-filled gear was on the way, the designers behind The Moc Brand finally reveal what they have been cooking up. The Canadian rapper makes a sophomore appearance with the #MAYBESHEWHEELPOLO based of his Wheelchair Jimmy character pre-rap fame. Not only that, but Miley Cyrus’ twerk seen around the country comes alive in the #THETWERKPOLO.

If you’re not fan of the prep staple, there are more than just polos this time. The line has been expanded to include sweaters, long sleeve T-shirts, and beanies. Other pop culture moments in the collection include #THESHRUGPOLO (Kanye), #BITCHESBETRIPPINGPOLO (Scarlott Johansson), and #PRAYINGHANDSPOLO (Jaden Smith). So before you hit up the outlets to get yourself some discounted big pony pieces, you might want skip the traffic and cop these instead. Visit The Moc Brand website to purchase.