Angelo Baque is—off top—in the top 10 coolest motherfuckers currently living and/or breathing in NYC. As the head of Supreme's mysterious marketing squad, he is basically faced with the task of making it seem like Supreme doesn't give a single fuck even though we all know how many they actually do. As the label's popularity has bubbled over the past 3 years, he's done his best to keep it from popping.

Baque also has this brand called Awake, which launched last season and has now returned with a new array of eclectic garments such as houndstooth coats and graphic print hoodies. Clearly, Supreme has permeated the aesthetic of Awake, but how the fuck could it not? Aren't people supposed to design based on their experiences or whatever? Even with that in mind, Awake is more directional and inspired by '90s NYC bohemia than Supreme.

What I'm saying is, I like these clothes a lot. I'm trying my best to not look at them through 'Preme goggles, but I think that ship has sailed. Speaking of ships, you can find Awake exclusively at SHIPS JET BLUE in Japan. Wow rare segue game on point.