If you're going to be paying Justin Timberlake hundreds of dollars to see his 20/20 Experience World Tour, it makes sense that you'd expect him to spend a ridiculous amount on production. In that case, I guess it's good news that he reportedly commissioned Tom Ford to design a 600 piece custom collection for the tour, including 8 different fits for JT himself as well as pieces for his backup dancers and singers and band and other people you're not paying to see so who really gives a shit? This should come as no surprise considering Tom Ford's been outfitting Timberlake in formal wear for a while now.

For those unfamiliar who thought that maybe Jay Z was rapping about a relative of the famous automaker, Mr. Ford, since leaving the Gucci fashion house he helped restore, has been designing what has become the default rich-man-with-taste-uniform. Through endorsements from celebrities such as Timberlake, Jay Z, Colin Firth, Drake, Brad Pitt, Julianne Moore and even Beyonce, Ford has effectively gone mainstream, while his prices have remained essentially unfathomably expensive. Given that an off the rack Tom Ford suit will run you anywhere between 2 and 3 stacks, we can only imagine how much a 600 piece custom wardrobe set JT back. A million dollars doesn't sound that unreasonable.