Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka has transformed the common notion of retail space with the Reality Lab he created for Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake in Aoyama, Tokyo—an experimental showcase for the fashion label’s merchandise. Yoshioka and Issey Miyake both embrace a minimalist aesthetic and have collaborated numerous times in the past on commercial and design products. Yoshioka’s Reality Lab is characterized by clean, neat geometric shapes, open spaces, and structurally robust columns and rafters. The stark whiteness of the ceiling, floors, and walls is offset by occasional strips of neon green and blue and metallic plating. The space resembles an untouched walk-in closet, devoid of the clutter customary to ordinary retail spaces—the merchandise here either hangs seemingly in suspension along the walls, illuminated by neon reflections, or is neatly folded on block-like shelving or large tables. Such spaces may change the shopping experience.

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[via Designboom