The long-awaited and controversial Jay Z x Barneys "A New York Holiday" collaborative collection has arrived. While it was known that Jay would be working with high-end fashion labels like Balmain, Rick Owens, Moncler, and others, the prices are still aimed at a very niche tax bracket, to put it one way. Another way to put it: you can't afford this.

If you tally up the price of every piece in the collection, the sum is a cool $155,003, with a Rick Owens jacket comprising over a third of the total price. Not that anyone was planning on copping one of every piece from the entire collection, but that's a lot of money—an amount that can expand your spending powers to include some pretty outrageous shit. If you did have a paltry 155 racks laying around, these are 11 Ridiculous Things That Cost as Much as the Entire Jay Z x Barneys "A New York Holiday" Collection.

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