Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist, recently sat down to discuss the men that he's photographed, and how facial hair often graces the faces of the men in front of his camera. Likely, by no coincidence, brands like the Art of Shaving have tapped Schuman to shoot a series of portraits of New Yorkers with varying degrees of furry facial adornment.

When asked about facial hair trends, Schuman remarks that beards win out. "A lot of guys are doing beard and mustache, but it’s hard to find a guy with just a mustache. Or even a goatee. Goatees used to be so popular, and now it’s really hard to find a guy who has one. It's all about these big beards."

While some think that facial hair is hard to make stylish, according to Schuman, it's more that there's a lack of stylish men. "It’s reasonably easy to find beautiful, stylish girls in a lot of places. But guys, it’s so much just have to put yourself out there, and it’s hard for men to do that, for whatever reason."

Considering that Movember is here, it's the perfect time to give some facial hair a shot. However, if you choose to keep your face clean, make sure you take care—no matter where or how you decide to trim.

[via The Cut]