Date: May 15, 2013
Music performed: "Good Life," "Jesus Walks," "Can't Tell Me Nothing," "All Of The Lights," "Mercy," Cold," "I Am a God," "Awesome"

The pyramid set at Kanye's Adult Swim Upfront 90-minute performance was a brilliant combination and enhancement of stage designs he's used before. He used a pyramid during his Grammy performance with Daft Punk in 2008, and he used projections and visuals of crows, rottweilers, clouds, and lightning during his Met Gala performance only a few days before, his Revel shows in Atlantic City in December 2012, and the Watch the Throne tour. Add the pyramid and projections together with strobes, fog, and intermittent larger-than-life visuals of Kanye, and you have the design captured on many an Instagram and Vine. What better structure for a god to perform in than a pyramid? Cleary this is something Kanye's gotten right from the start, and it's continued to the mountain he performs on during the current Yeezus tour.


"Can't Tell Me Nothing":