Good news, fellas. We have actually come up with a few reasons of why stylish guys make for the best boyfriends. So the next time you're in the doghouse for copping a $200 T-shirt or buying your third bomber jacket, just whip out this list to make her remember why she fell in love with you in the first place.

Good news, ladies. If you were thinking that you made a terrible mistake by dating a guy who cares about his style more than you do about yours, here's a reminder of why his sartorial concerns are more than just about him looking good. The qualities he applies to dressing well extend beyond his 'fits to ways that make him the best boyfriend possible. In case you were about to break up with him because he missed your anniversary to go stand in line for the latest Supreme drop, these are 12 Reasons Stylish Guys Make Great Boyfriends.

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