If you're itching for something beyond streetwear to rock this upcoming season, Striver's Row might inspire you to take some style cues from unlikely places. Based on design themes inspired by military and hunting characteristics, Striver's Row cuts no corners when it comes to producing quality goods that are meant for both outdoorsmen concerned with performance, as well as dudes who just want to look dope.

The new Holiday One Collection is a varied mix of denim, tops, mixed fabric wovens, outerwear and luggage offerings all with the highest amount of attention paid to detail. The distress and damage on the denim, the choice of tones and shades for its camo, the use of thick leather for the accessories—all of these techniques and choices melt together to form, according to brand co-founder Jason Geter, "a perfect juxtaposition of form and function, past and present." 

 The collection drops today, November 29, at select retailers including, but not limited to, The Atrium, Union Los Angeles, and Wish ATL.