In 24-year-old designer Clement Taverniti's opinion, one of the key features of a successful label lies in its marketing. 

"You have to bring something other than the clothing," he said. 

Now, the founder of French brand STILL GOOD is taking his own advice, extending his feelers into the musical realm for a collaboration with Parisian producer Woodkid

STILL GOOD connected with Woodkid - who recently performed a concert for his first album "The Golden Age" with the BBC's full orchestra - to create a capsule line with two t-shirts, which photographer Dmitry Bukreev shot in Paris for the duo's lookbook.

Bukreev's photos bear his characteristic plays on light and dark, and feature a really fucking pensive bearded man. (See third picture in slideshow.) The t-shirts feature a marble numeric print or an all-over print of the company's key insignia. 

According to Taverniti, the t-shirts will hit stores sometime next week, when they'll be available at Hunting and Collecting, Simons, ASOS London and Wood Wood. STILL GOOD's web shop isn't up just yet, but let these shots from the lookbook hold you over for now.