The impossible has just been made possible: Spray-on clothing exists. Spanish designer Manel Torres and Fabrica Ltd. invented a spray can that sprays fabric directly onto the body. Bizarre but strangely interesting. 

So how is this even possible? The liquid that comes from the bottle contains short fibers mixed with a solvent and polymers that hold the material together. Once sprayed, it molds to your body. And once the material has dried, you can remove it, wash it, and even rewear it as if it was a real shirt.

You thought you struggled with your smedium sweaters? This is without a doubt the most skin-tight shit anyone can possibly wear. We plead with you to avoid wearing this, even as a joke. And we can only imagine the level of skeezoid that is going to wear a spray-on outfit at the club. 

The can is even available in a few colors and materials. Torres says this took him a decade to invent—he started working on the design when he patented it in 2000. The concept is definitely unique, but will people be open to the idea of spraying on clothes?

[via nymag]