Arnette appreciates the uncommon. You don’t go from being a fledgling company started in a garage to the leader in action sports eyewear by taking the normal route. So, when Arnette wanted to partner up with some unique artists for its new Uncommon Projects Capsule Collection, a few names sprung to mind, starting with Slayer and Bad Brains. After all, who better to highlight both originality and reckless abandon than the godfathers of thrash metal and punk rock?

Up first was the Slayer x Arnette collaboration, which debuted last month. The collection featured some of Arnette’s staple pieces, such as the flagship Witch Doctor sunglasses and the Series 3MX and Skylight snow goggles, all of which were revamped with heavy metal-inspired matte black, blood red artwork, and the Slayer logo.

The Arnette x Slayer collection was such a hit that Arnette couldn’t wait to get its Bad Brains-inspired line out on the market, which happens this month. The new Arnette x Bad Brains collection features two of the eyewear brand’s classic items—the Dropout sunglasses and the Skylight goggles—redesigned with original artwork that’s based on the iconic Bad Brains graphics and logo.

The Bad Brains Dropout shades boast a black frame, gold mirror lenses, and interchangeable green/yellow/black arms, all with signature Bad Brains lettering and graphics. Meanwhile, the Bad Brains Skylight snow goggles sport a matte black frame, which comes with both inferno chrome and emerald chrome lenses, and a custom strap that features both the Bad Brains and Arnette logos embroidered in Bad Brains’ signature lettering.

Calling these collections uncommon is putting it very lightly. You can check out pics from the Arnette x Slayer and the Arnette x Bad Brains collaborations above, and for more on the Arnette Uncommon Projects Capsule Collection, be sure to visit