Patagonia offers the best outerwear for all your outdoor adventures, but now they really are offering everything you need to maximize fun times in nature. Together with New Belgium Brewing, the two are offering a delicious beer called California Route. Now you can be fully laced up in some of the best apparel for climbing, hiking, and hitting the slopes, and also be taken care of when you're done putting in work.

You can forget about silver bullet cans and an image of the Rockies. The new container has a more scenic view with Patagonia’s iconic logo featuring the Cerro Fitzroy mountain range. The beer celebrates the company’s philosophy of always being organic, and named after a Patagonia’s most famous California Route.

As for the taste, this is where NBB’s expertise comes in. Here’s a breakdown that will make any beer lover start salivating:

  • “California lager yeast with subtle fruity esters.”
  • “The beer has an aromatic blast of citrusy Cascade hops and a heavy dose of noble hallertau.”
  • “addition of organic Munich specialty malt builds complexity with hints of freshly baked bread.”

To top it off, the beer is completely made of organic ingredients. This will be a limited release, so make sure you cop a six pack when you have a chance. The 12-oz cans will be released starting in mid-November.