Well, there is now something that should sit at the top of your Christmas list (although it is on Indiegogo, so maybe next year). It is the Panono Camera, which is a ball containing 36 2.0-megapixel lenses that shoot in the air simultaneously and capture moments in high-res and in 360-degrees. As you can tell from the photographs, which can be viewed panoramically here, it's the real deal.

Jonas Pfeil, President and Co-Founder of Panono says, "We’re creating an entirely new panoramic-photography experience, one that can finally include people and is social. Until now, it’s been impossible to take good panoramic shots with people in them because people move in between shots and cause ghosting. Since all of Panono’s 36 cameras fire at once in every direction, it captures an instant in time that includes everyone—even the photographer—in a blur-free panoramic image."

Help it reach its $900,000 goal in the next 54 days and watch it do its thing below.

[via Designboom]