It's no secret that NBA players are taking their style seriously, and we appreciate their efforts and accomplishments at bringing some steez to the league. And it's pretty much a widely-accepted fact that guys today are more open when it comes to caring about grooming products and techniques. It's 2013, and the opportunities for guys to look their best are plentiful. You'd be a fool not to incorporate some of these practices into your everyday get-up. 

That being said, the Wall Street Journal ran a long article today on the grooming "secrets" of several NBA stars, and it was chock full of amazingly soft quotes from some of the toughest athletes on the face of the earth. If your homie were to try and convince you about the benefits of pedicures, you might clown on him for a minute. But to hear it come from dudes that break noses with elbows every other night? Next level.

These are The Softest Quotes From NBA Players Telling the "Wall Street Journal" About Their Grooming Secrets. Opponents now have so much trash-talking ammo.

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