A new, six-minute film by Matthu Placek, rendered in eye-popping 3D, features performance-art titan Marina Abramovic, standing nude inside her under-construction performance art center in Hudson, New York. Titled A Portrait of Marina Abramovic, the one-shot short uses a crane to capture the legendary gaze of Abramovic that has made her pieces such as The Artist Is Present so successful.

The piece will debut during Art Basel Miami Beach, at the YoungArts campus in the city. According to ArtInfo, the building hosting the screening called the Jewel Box is in an unfinished state not dissimilar to Abramovic’s performance art institute, creating a synergy between film and forum. A series of musical cycles will accompany the screenings as visitors move throughout the building’s interior, while music within the film is a translation of an ancient Greek piece done by Serbia’s Svetlana Spajic.

“Abramovic’s intense energy and piercing, tear duct-opening stare translate uncannily well to 3-D,” Benjamin Sutton at ArtInfo remarked of a recent New York preview of the short.

Screenings of the film occur nightly, every 15 minutes after 6 p.m., December 4 -7, inside the Jewel Box, at the YoungArts campus in Wynwood, 2100 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami.

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[via ArtInfo]