When you were younger, opportunities seemed boundless, possibilities were more like shoo-ins and no task appeared too daunting. Every corner you turned was another adventure waiting to happen. Now, you're curled up in the fetal position in bed wondering why you took that final, fateful shot of Bulleit Rye and how you're going to make it on your feet for work. 

That youthful spirit, that hopefulness for the future—sometimes it seems like it's lost more each year.

But Lumieres is bringing it back for 2014.

The brand, headed up by 17-year-old Kai Nguyen, just released its spring/summer lookbook for a collection entitled "Year of the Horse," to celebrate the coming new year. For the new line, which features black tees, tanks and hoodies with silk screened horses against bright red "14"s or the word, "Ma"—Vietnamese for "horse"—photographers Diego Andrade and Justin Amoafo were brought in to photograph kids posted on the streets of Lower Manhattan. Gabe of Uzi, who's shot Wiz Khalifa and Chance the Rapper using his signature VHS, early 1990s skate video aesthetic, lent a hand for the behind-the-scenes film of the photoshoot. 

The collection drops November 29, and for Nguyen, that date is monumental. But it merely signifies the beginning.

"Though we've made spirited strides over the last year, the mountain has yet to be climbed," Nguyen said. "2014 is the next step in our pursuit of greatness." 

[via Lumieres]