LN-CC has been killing it with its ongoing archive Series, which resurrects pieces from sought-after brands like Raf Simons, Number (N)ine, and Damir Doma. The greatest store in the world has another insallation up its sleeve, and is going deep into the archives of Levi's RED to bring back the goodness.

This project takes it back to the ‘90s when the collection was first introduced in 1999. But event also serves as a primer to the 2014 Levi’s RED collection, which will be released exclusively on LN-CC. For now you can start off on some edited picks on items from 15 years ago. There aren’t any skinny jeans in here, just straight up generously cut denim that will both make you nostalgic and give your whole outfit a new silhouette.

Visit the LN-CC website to purchase, and stay tuned for the full release of new Levi's RED pieces.