This shirt is actually kind of lame but it’s Japanese (Luker by Neighborhood FYI FUCKFACE) so whatever. I only mention it because when I was a kid and the internet was just on and popping for the first time (SHOUTS TO WINAMP. SHOUTS TO GRAPHICS CARDS. SHOUTS TO ALTAVISTA SEARCH ENGINE) The Anarchist’s Cookbook was one of the things that was widely circulated and accessible and it was all scandalous and shit. I remember it said something about stuffing tennis balls with just the heads of matches to make bouncing fireballs and shit. I never tried that shit because like most kids on the internet, I was too lazy to actually try anything I learned about on the internet. REMEMBER THAT KID THAT SMOKED NUTMEG CAUSE HE READ ABOUT IT ON EROWID? LOLZ I’M SO OLD.