What do you, as a modern man scanning the racks, want?

Something easy and wearable, sure. An article of clothing that can be paired with most of the other pieces you've already got tossed in your dresser drawers, yeah. And if you're about to hand over a guap, it should probably last you a minute, so it's gotta be timeless in both look and feel.

Japanese designer Junya Watanabe and French manufacturer Hervier have teamed up to deliver a raincoat, (or Mac, as they're called in the UK), that fulfills all three of the above criteria. 

When Watanabe x Hervier first collaborated last summer, the pair released a collection that kept to a slight range of button-downs, utilitarian shirts, colored pants and jackets with super-straight lines. This time around, though, they've updated the looks with slight changes that maintain the classic feel, but show definite updates.

Call it the Mackintosh 2.0.

The canvas raincoat has a contrasting round collar made of corduroy with eye-popping stitching, six pockets, and a rear vent on the inner lining. This is a thing of beauty by any era's standard - an ageless piece that stunts, but in a muted manner. 

Made in France, the jacket's currently available at The GoodHood Store, and goes for about $860.