Jay Z has never looked so cuddly. In a new sculpture by Daniel Edwards, Jay is surrounded by cute (and creepy) characters from '80s greeting cards, stuffed animals, and television—Care Bears. This bizarre work, titled Jay Z Cares and Shares, is a symbol of support for Jay Z who has come under fire for keeping his clothing line in Barneys after the company's racial profiling scandal.

"Jay Z is an entertainer, not a civil rights activist," Edwards remarks in a press release. The artist adds that a fraction of proceeds from Jay's Barneys collection is going to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, an act of charity that likely inspired the sculpture's name.

Jay Z has found a strange ally in Edwards, but then again this is the sculptor who created likenesses of the Royal baby and North West before the children were born using leaked ultrasounds.

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[via Animal New York]