In the first episode of Road to Success, we introduced you to “pop expressionist” artist Jay West, a guy who has been painting and drawing for basically his whole life. Working with his preferred medium of acrylic paints, Jay is currently procuring a personal body of work to display at this year’s Art Basel in December.

In this next episode, we meet up with the man who’s helping Jay create all that work: A$AP Ferg. The two are boys from way back in the day, having attended the same art and design high school, and continue to stay close. “Jay West is my brother from another mother,” Ferg says, adding how incredibly proud he is—though not surprised—that Jay’s work is now in such high demand. That feeling of kinship is definitely mutual. “He’s just one of those people that has always inspired me,” West says of Ferg. “He’s always given me creative backing...[and] helped me push the envelope.”

The two have been partnering on projects since they were kids, and are now teaming up once again to create the portfolio West will be presenting at Art Basel this year. It’s yet another collaboration between a pair of true artists who we can expect so see much more from in the future. “I would like our road to success to take us to heights we never even dreamed about,” says Ferg. So far, they’re definitely headed in the right direction.

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